Why Meal Plan?

We believe that meal planning is the solution to making meal time easier, more affordable, and most importantly more enjoyable! My friends, family, and readers have been asking for help with their families’ meal planning.

Guess what? We’re helping you out by putting great recipes into a weekly meal plan, including a shopping list, that will make life that much easier!

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Our meal plans have everything you need to make feeding your family stress free. Here’s how meal planning can truly help you and your family.

More family time

Planning meals for your family takes time and energy. Being creative and coming up with easy home cooked meals every week is a challenge. Each week we spend countless hours choosing recipes, shopping lists, planning and prep. Let Spend With Pennies Meal Plan take care of all of the work involved.

Everything you need in one spot! This means that you have more time to spend with your family. Easy. Home Cooked Meals!

Save money

Planning ahead helps you save money by organizing your shopping list. Less trips to the grocery store means less impulse shopping and easy online shopping. Being organized and knowing what you will be eating at each meal leads to less waste. Meal planning can bring big savings (and it’s a huge time saver too). You’ll be prepared to eat delicious meals at home and skip the takeout!

Less stress

For busy families, meal planning can be very stressful. With the Spend With Pennies Meal Plan coming right to your inbox each week, you don’t need to worry about what to make, or putting together your shopping list, or even forgetting an ingredient at the store. Your shopping trip is organized, and your trip to the store or online shopping will be a breeze!

At meal time, you have the meal plan, recipes and tips to refer to. Life is hectic enough, meal times shouldn’t be!

Enjoy eating a variety of home cooked meals!

Without a plan in place, many of us end up making the same meals over again and again. Meals can get boring. At Spend With Pennies, we believe that food should be fun and exciting, and simple to cook! With our weekly meal plans, it’s easy to cook new and exciting recipes that your family will love.

Become a better cook

All of the recipes are created with the everyday cook in mind. They are tested (and re-tested) by family, kids and friends. As you cook the weekly recipes, you will learn new techniques, flavor combinations, and pick up new skills.

Cooking a variety of dishes every week is the very best way to get comfortable in the kitchen. Our meal plans are designed to work for both the beginner and more advanced cook. Nothing better than practice to gain confidence in the kitchen!

Reduce waste

When we grocery shop and cook without a plan in place, it may be easy to waste food. It’s something that happens to all of us, like when we discover forgotten veggies or expired food at the end of the week. This is both expensive and wasteful.

When you plan out your meals and recipes for the week, every item on your shopping list has a purpose and nothing goes to waste.

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