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At Spend With Pennies, we just love easy home cooked comfort, and we know you do too! People just love our deliciously simple recipes, recipes that are easy enough for the every day home cook. They are easy to follow, tried, tested, and loved!

The Spend With Pennies Meal Plan incorporates these recipes into an easy to use weekly Meal Plan. People love the thoughtfully created weekly Meal Plans, the ease of customizing each Meal Plan to their personal taste, and the time saved in both planning and cooking! We cannot forget how much people love the customizable shopping list!

Less stress, less cost, and more time! What’s there not to love?

We enjoy trying new ideas

I love your recipes and my grandsons enjoy trying new ideas (new to them)

Having fun. Thank you

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Wonderful yummy dishes

I love your recipe site. You have such wonderful yummy dishes. Every time I prepare one of your recipes it's always a winner. Thank you

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Great variety of simply great meal ideas.

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A breath of fresh air

This recipe is absolutely delicious! A breath of fresh air for my weekly meal plan. Easy, amazing tastes, and I used only what I had on-hand, it was still fantastic! New favorite in my home, as a meal, since it is so filling.

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Keep up the good work

I love this salad, so light and refreshing… and just took me about 10 minutes to make! I really like a lot of your recipes Holly, keep up the good work. I just got your Weekly Meal Planner and am looking forward to being more organized about planning meals and shopping. Thank you!

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I love your easy recipes. With not a lot of time, I can make almost anything for my meals. THANK YOU.

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