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Spend With Pennies Meal Plan Baked Teriyaki Chicken Spend With Pennies Meal Plan Ground Beef Tostadas
Spend With Pennies Meal Plan Lasagna Soup

Start meal planning in three simple steps:

1. Get your weekly meal plan

Receive the Spend with Pennies Meal Plan in your inbox each week.

2. Customize it

Spend a few minutes reviewing the Meal Plan and swapping in new recipes and shopping items if you’d like.

3. Shop and cook

Grab your shopping list and get shopping! Then enjoy the magic of never worrying about what’s for dinner again!

2. Customize the meal plan to suit your family!

Spend a few minutes reviewing the meal plan. Swap in new recipes if you like or add your own family favorite. Delete a meal if you have plans to eat out. All in less than 10 minutes. Check out the shopping list. Take stock of your pantry, and mark off anything you already have on hand. Add any personal family items you might need to the shopping list.

Meal plan customization settings, and drag and drop of a recipe card

3. Shop, cook, and relax

Take your shopping list (on your phone or print it out) to the store and get shopping. The organized list will make your trip to the store a breeze.

Then get cooking using the quick, easy to follow recipes.

Finally, sit back, relax, and enjoy your extra time because all your meals are planned! Use your extra time to spend time with your family. Read a book. Watch that show. Do a hike. Enjoy your family time!

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